Athletes And Dental Health

The path to achieving a healthy body and mind is often full of exhaustion and pain. Lifting heavy weights, running for miles and miles, and avoiding tempting food are all great sacrifices that not all of us are willing to make. However, there are those who are willing to tackle all of these challenges head-on for the sake of discipline, strong health, and self-improvement.

That being said, dental problems can affect pretty much everyone. People who exercise a lot and steer clear of sweets can still develop dental problems without realizing it.

What Can Damage Teeth?

We often associate athleticism and physical exercise with stronger muscles, healthier diets, and better endurance. Though exercising each day provides our body with plenty of benefits, it doesn’t always promise great results for our teeth and gums. Athletes have been found to be more susceptible to dental erosions and cavities for the following reasons:

Sugary Sports Drinks And Energy Bars

A lot of athletes like to recharge with sports drinks due to their high electrolyte content. Though these drinks do a great job of replenishing lost energy and water after a workout, they aren’t always great for dental health. The acidity level in these drinks can often damage tooth structure and increase your chances of getting painful cavities. Eating energy bars can also put your teeth and gums at risk since they’re just as high in sugar and acid content.

Trauma And Force

Cartoons and movies usually show people losing teeth or bleeding out of their mouths after a punch. As exaggerated as it sounds, there actually is quite a bit of truth to this. Accidents and injuries from sports and strenuous activities can damage gum tissues, and even chip or dislodge teeth quite a bit. Other consequences of dental trauma can include displaced teeth and dislocated jawbones. Even if you don’t do a contact sport, you can still become prone to injuries from bumping or hitting other players and equipment.

Dry Mouth

Saliva exists not only to help us eat and chew food, but also to keep our teeth and gums safe. This is mainly because it acts as a shield against harmful germs, bacteria, and acids. When our mouths are too dry to produce healthy amounts of saliva, our gums and teeth become more prone to harmful bacteria and plaque. A lot of athletes often end up with dry mouths due to dehydration. As a result, they become more prone to gingivitis, cavities, and other inconvenient dental problems.

What Can You Do About It?

Almost all of our daily recreational activities come with some form of risk for our health. That doesn’t mean you should give up entirely on your passion. There are plenty of great solutions that can help you keep your dental health in tip-top shape. Here are a few ways to keep your teeth and gums intact during a tough workout or match.

Rehydrate With Non-Acidic Drinks

There are many other good rehydrating beverages that aren’t filled with too much acid. Water mixed with lemon or salt, for instance, can restore some of your lost energy without relying on too much acid and sugar. You can also try making your own sports drinks or healthy protein shakes at home since they’re less likely to contain any unhealthy ingredients.

If you can’t cut sports drinks entirely, you can still keep your teeth safe in a few ways. You can drink a good glass of water alongside sports drinks to stave off any unhealthy acidity or dry mouth. You should also avoid brushing right after drinking any sports drinks as this can lead to erosion.

Use A Mouthguard

Most competitions require their athletes to use mouth guards for very good reasons. They can reduce the risk of dental injuries by absorbing shock and force. They can also prevent bleeding and lacerated gums by providing protection and support for soft gum tissues. Using a mouthguard can also lessen any chances of painful or dislocated jaws.

Stock mouth guards found at most sports shops can do a good job of protecting your teeth, gums, and jaw. Do keep in mind that they might not always match your jaw bone or the contour of your teeth perfectly. If possible, try to invest in a custom-fitted mouthguard. They can provide a better fit and do a great job of protecting you during strenuous activities.

Keep Up Your Dental Health

We’ve all skipped out on brushing our teeth once or twice because of exhaustion. Sometimes, we don’t even bother to brush at all when we’re stuck on a long road trip.

It’s important to remember that poor dental hygiene always comes with consequences. Wearing a mouthguard and replenishing with water won’t do any favors for your teeth if you don’t brush or floss properly. Using a good dental scaler alongside your toothbrush and floss can help you get rid of any nasty tartar, plaque, and bacteria. Our online store offers a great dental scaler that keeps your teeth healthy anywhere at any time. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy healthy teeth and gums on the go!

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