Five Ways To Maintain Fresh Breath On The Go

There’s nothing more embarrassing than filling the office with the stench of rancid onions. Even if you keep brushing or flossing at home, bad breath can strike while you’re at school, the mall, or the office. You don’t need to think about living like a hermit, though. These five tips and tricks are sure to help you get rid of bad breath right away.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water ensures that your mouth has enough saliva to keep out harmful odor-causing bacteria. You can stave off dry mouth and halitosis by keeping bottled water with you and drinking a few sips of water during your free time. You might be tempted to opt for juice and energy drinks instead, but these won’t do your breath any favors. Drinks with too much sugar can damage your teeth and make it much easier for harmful germs and bacteria to wreak havoc inside your mouth.

Brush Away From Home

Oral hygiene requires a lot of dedication. That means not skipping out on brushing and flossing no matter what. You might feel a bit embarrassed at using a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste in public, but that will all fade away in no time as long as you keep all the benefits of daily brushing and flossing in mind. After all, what would you rather have? A few snickers and jokes at your expense, or years of bleeding gums and painful cavities?

There are plenty of options for people who aren’t afraid to brush on the go. Travel-sized toothbrushes keep your breath fresh and your teeth strong without taking up too much space in your bag or purse. Some small toothbrushes can even be used without water or toothpaste!

Chew Sugarless Gum

We all know that mints and gum can serve as our best defense against bad breath. However, using just any piece of mint you can get your hands on isn’t enough. Gum does a far better job of keeping away bad breath as it can stimulate healthy saliva production far longer than breath mints. But if you’re anxious about chewing gum in class or during a meeting, you can still achieve great results by chewing mints.

Sugarless gum and mints work best for bad breath since they won’t stimulate the growth of odor-causing germs and bacteria. Since germs thrive on sugar, they can grow and multiply even more when they come into contact with soda and sugar-filled mints.

Use A Tongue Scraper

Halitosis often occurs when bacteria grows and multiplies on the tongue. Germs and bacteria can gather between tiny bumps on the surface and stink up your breath every time you wake up or dine on a meal. You can put an end to this daily problem once and for all by cleaning your tongue with a good quality tongue scraper. This oral hygiene device is specially designed to prevent sneaky odor-causing bacteria and food residue from ruining your day. The more you use a tongue scraper, the less likely you are to wake up with foul-smelling breath.

Balance Out Bad Food

Munching on garlicky snacks isn’t always avoidable when you have a lot of parties and meetings to attend. Sometimes, the temptation to munch on a sugary treat is just too powerful to resist. So what can you do when eating clean and green isn’t an option? Just balance out what you eat. For every onion breath-causing sandwich out there, there are two or three culinary treats that can counteract foul breath. Herbs like parsley contain plenty of natural ingredients that can protect your mouth against bad breath. Apples, mangoes, and other fresh fruits can stimulate saliva production and keep your mouth smelling fresh.

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