Managing Anxiety At The Dentist’s Office

Fear of the dentist isn’t something that only kids have to deal with. Dentophobia (which literally means “phobia of dentists”) is one of the most common phobias that adults have to deal with. While most people who can manage their fear of the dentist are able to care for their teeth as needed, people with severe dentophobia often end up with terrible dental health simply because they weren’t able to have their teeth examined and treated early enough. You can avoid enduring serious dental problems and painful surgeries by practicing these relaxation techniques at the dentist’s office.

Try Aromatherapy

Smells can trigger various emotions and memories. Essential oils with fragrant aromas can help put your mind at ease and relax any symptoms of anxiety that you might be facing. You can pack a few tiny bottles of essential oil in your bag to help calm your nerves before, during, and after your dental procedure, or even use diffusers if they’re available at your dentist’s office. If essential oils aren’t an option, you can achieve the same results using flowers, scented candles, or perfume.

Listen To Music

Good music shouldn’t just sound good. It should also make you feel good enough to dance the night away and forget all your worries. One of the most common ways people cope with their fear of dental procedures is to blast music from a cellphone or mp3 player while sitting on the dentist’s chair. You can try wearing your earphones, closing your eyes, and just immersing yourself in the feel of your favorite songs to calm down during your next dental appointment. Fast-paced and loud songs can work if they help you immerse yourself in happy memories, but they can also increase your heart rate and keep you from relaxing completely. If you can, do try to stick to calming and relaxing music.

Get Used To Your Dentist

One of the most common causes of dentophobia is a lack of trust between the dentist and the patient. You can manage your anxiety by building up a good open working relationship with your dentist, as well as asking plenty of questions about your next procedure. The reassurance that can come from a sense of safety, security, and reassurance will definitely calm your worries. On the other hand, if you feel like your dentist is too apathetic or hostile to help you calm down, there’s no shame in looking for another dentist that you can actually trust.

Signal Your Emotions

Most people don’t want to deal with painful procedures. It’s important to remember, however, that your dentist isn’t some butcher who delights in causing you pain. They’re professionals who are willing to make adjustments and show restraint if you ever feel too uncomfortable during a procedure. You can use non-verbal signals to let your dentist know when you need a break or when you can’t tolerate a certain amount of pain. Your dentist will get the message right away and stop when you raise your hand or fingers or make a short sound.

Dental anxiety is an unfortunate problem that can lead to serious consequences when left untreated. Keeping your teeth in top shape can help you avoid too many unnecessary trips to the dentist’s office. One way you can do this is to scrape off nasty plaque, dirt, and bacteria using a high-quality dental scaler. Our sonic dental scaler painlessly cleans teeth and gums so that you don’t have to undergo any painful procedures. Order yours today with just one click!

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