Myths and Truths About Dental Implant Surgery

Have you lost a tooth? Do you have a huge gap that needs to be filled in? Dental implants might just be what you need!

Dental implants are basically tooth root replacements that serve as a strong and stable foundation for artificial teeth. They’re quite popular due to their natural life-like appearance and durability. Furthermore, since dental implants use titanium—an ingredient that’s safe and perfectly compatible with bone—healing and adjustment are quite easy and hassle-free.

Those suffering from problems with chewing, speaking, and self-esteem due to missing teeth can rely on dental implants as a long-lasting, healthy, and reliable solution. However, the fear of dental implant surgery can often turn people off. 

The Best Benefits of Dental Implants

You’re sure to enjoy tons of unique benefits when you complete your smile with a dental implant. Here are some of the best benefits of dental implants:

  • Less removal, more comfort:  Removing retainers before meals every day can be quite a chore. But with dental implants, you don’t need to worry about removing or losing anything at all. Your dental implant will become a natural part of your teeth, so you won’t feel any bulk or discomfort at all.
  • Easy chewing:  Braces and retainers can often break when you use them to chew the wrong thing. In contrast, dental implants are designed to be strong and durable enough to chew any piece of food—from T-bone steaks to popcorn and chips. You don’t have to give up on your favorite snacks when you’ve got a dental implant!
  • Clear speech:  Speaking isn’t easy when your retainers and dentures keep getting loose. Braces can also make it hard for people to understand you at times. On the other hand, dental implants don’t interrupt speech at all as they’re meant to embed false teeth deeply into your jawbone. In other words, no matter how long you talk or sing, your dental implants will stay firmly and securely in place.
  • A better look:  Many people often get dental implants because of how closely it resembles natural teeth. Unlike braces and dentures, which have very noticeable wires and brackets, dental implants use crowns and false teeth that aren’t bulky or noticeable. Your smile is sure to become radiant and more confident with dental implants.

Even with all those great benefits on display, many still fear that they’ll suffer a lot from dental implant surgery. However, it isn’t as painful or scary as you think. Here are some common myths about dental implant surgery, as well as some truths to help you ease your worries.

MYTH #1: Dental Implant Surgery Hurts Too Much

We’ve definitely moved past the days of using tongs, berries, and sticks for surgery. Dental implant surgery, like any other oral surgery, is actually pain-free and safe. Your dentist will apply local anesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. And unlike tooth extractions, dental implants don’t require one side of your face to be numb. Rather, anesthesia will only be applied to a specific site so that you can heal and return to normal activities in no time.

MYTH #2: Anyone Can Get Dental Implants

Correction: Anyone with strong bone tissue and good oral hygiene can get dental implants. Before you can be considered for dental implants, your dentist will have to examine whether or not your gums and bone are up to the task. If you suffer from conditions like osteoporosis, you may not be eligible for dental implant surgery. People who smoke and vape, and those with health conditions like diabetes and heart disease may not also be allowed to undergo dental implant surgery.

Dental implants are also a no-no for anyone younger than 18. This is because kids and teens have jawbones that are still developing, and therefore not strong enough for dental implants just yet. Those with jawbones that are weak and damaged due to accidents won’t be allowed to get the surgery either.

Finally, good oral hygiene is a must for anyone looking to get dental implants. People suffering from cavities, swollen gums, and other oral problems may need to settle their oral health problems first before being allowed to undergo the surgery.

MYTH #3: Dental Implant Surgery is Risky

Dental implant surgery is a meticulously planned and precise procedure. Your dentist won’t figure things out on the spot, but instead use X-rays and CT imaging to map out a perfect picture of your gums and jawbone before surgery. He may also create a surgical guide to ensure that your brand new teeth is installed firmly and correctly in place. You don’t have to worry about side effects like migraines or headaches after your surgery either since no studies have proven that dental implants cause significant pain. After a few days of recovery, you should feel relaxed and pain-free.

MYTH #4: Dental Implant Surgery Isn’t Effective

Dental implants have a whopping 98% success rate! That sounds more than worth it, don’t you think? These fixtures aren’t at risk of falling out or causing infections, nor do they have to be removed for daily cleaning. They also last much longer than dental bridges and dentures, and can in fact last a person’s entire life with proper care and maintenance. Sure, dental implants might be expensive, but they promise wonderful long-lasting results for anyone who needs them.

MYTH #5: Dental Implants Are Difficult to Care For

Unlike dentures or removable retainers, dental implants and false teeth don’t require any daily soaking or scrubbing. You simply have to care for them the same way you would care for your normal teeth—by brushing and flossing properly every day. You don’t have to make any changes to your diet either as artificial teeth and implants are strong enough to chew any kind of food. So if you can’t help but chew chips or nuts during movie night, don’t worry! Your dental implants will stay strong and stable no matter how long and how hard you chew. Of course, it’s still best to refrain from chewing anything too hard if your implants are only a few days old.

MYTH #6: Dental Implants Don’t Look Great

Crowns and artificial teeth are meant to be as close to natural teeth as possible, not just in function but also in looks. Your dentist won’t use pre-made teeth that look obviously unnatural and fake, but instead craft crowns that have the same shade and color as the rest of your teeth. You won’t have to worry about people noticing your implants either since they’ll be installed deep in your jawbone and be covered properly with a false tooth.

MYTH #7: My Implants Will Stay Fine No Matter What

Dental implants may require less daily care and maintenance than dentures and braces, but that doesn’t mean you can skip out on brushing and flossing. Without proper oral hygiene, your teeth—both false and natural—will eventually fall victim to cavities, infections, and other oral problems. Furthermore, improper brushing can also lead to your teeth becoming yellow and stained in stark contrast to your perfectly pearly white false tooth!

Besides proper brushing and flossing, cleaning with a top-quality dental scaler is another great way to maintain your pearly white smile. The Meeteasy Electric Dental Scaler polishes off stubborn food, coffee, and smoke stains in minutes so that your teeth look great and stay healthy. Order yours from our online store now and enjoy a mesmerizing smile in no time!

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