The Dos and Don'ts of Teeth Whitening

Many of us imagine perfect smiles as those you see in movies and fashion magazines—wide, charismatic, and filled with straight and pearly white teeth. Clean and white teeth are an especially important part of a great smile as huge stains can often lead to embarrassing situations. So how do you achieve a winning smile for interviews, parties, and social gatherings? Well, whitening treatments are a popular option that many swear by.

There are a lot of over-the-counter whitening treatments you can choose from. Some, such as whitening pens, are great to use if you need a quick fix. Others, such as whitening toothpastes, aim to provide long-lasting results. It’s always important to consult your dentist first before deciding on any treatments since some products may not match your needs very well. Here are some tooth whitening dos and don’ts you should keep in mind.

1. DO: Make Sure Your Teeth Are In Good Shape

Before using over-the-counter home whitening treatments, make sure your teeth aren’t suffering from cavities or gum disease. You might not get the results you want if you try to whiten teeth afflicted with severe tooth decay or plaque since most whitening products are meant to be used by those with good oral health. Whitening injured or cavity-stricken teeth may even make things worse since bleaching ingredients could reach and irritate exposed nerves.

To avoid any harmful side effects from whitening, have your dentist check for signs of oral problems. If you suffer from swollen gums or chronic tooth decay, have your dentist treat those oral health problems first before starting any whitening treatments. It’s also good to maintain as plaque and bacteria can multiply and invade teeth and gums that aren’t properly cleaned.

2. DON’T: Continue Smoking and Vaping

Smoking means trading your oral and overall health for several minutes of pleasure a day. No matter how many whitening and bleaching treatments you every day, smoke stains will still appear so long as you continue the habit. What makes smoke stains harder to deal with than regular food or wine stains is that stains from tobacco, vaping juice, and nicotine can penetrate the enamel and become harder to brush off.

You’re more likely to achieve a better smile if you quit the habit entirely. In the meantime, it’s best to get professional whitening treatments as your dentist can target the dentin (the layer of teeth beneath enamel) and produce longer-lasting results.

3. DO: Check the Expiration Date

Most at-home whitening products use hydrogen peroxide as their main ingredient. This is because H₂O₂, a popular ingredient in most toothpastes and whitening treatments, uses oxidation to break down and get rid of stains. However, this chemical compound can in fact break apart into its base ingredients—water and oxygen—over time. Before bringing a new product to the checkout counter, check whether or not the expiration date is close. Otherwise, you could end up missing out on effective bleaching properties.

4. DON’T: Whiten Only Once

Good things don’t always last forever. Shiny pearly whites can in fact lose their luster and become discolored as we consume coffee, candy, wine, and other tooth-staining products over time. In order to maintain your perfectly bright smile, follow the instructions on your tooth whitening kit and reapply or repeat the process when needed.

Some whitening products, such as tooth whitening strips, can harm enamel when overused so try to limit treatments to just once or twice a month. If you have doubts about using home whitening treatments, consider getting professional treatments at your local dental office. Professional whitening can last much longer than home treatments and don’t require as many touch-ups, so you might want to try it out if you’re the forgetful or busy type.

5. DO: Be Careful With What You Eat

Avoid consuming sweets and sodas right after your whitening treatment is done. Drinks like coffee, tea, wine, and fruit juice can easily stain teeth and negatively affect the results of your treatment. Energy drinks, frappes, and sugary drinks can also cause harmful bacteria to spread and invade all corners of your teeth and gums. Sodas and snacks that are high in acid content aren’t that great to drink right after a whitening treatment either as these can weaken tooth enamel and increase your risk of harmful cavity-causing bacteria.

To lessen the negative effects of your favorite drinks, use a straw. That way, your teeth don’t come into contact with discoloring ingredients. You can also rinse with or drink water to keep these from sticking to your teeth.

6. DO: Use Gentler Products for Sensitive Teeth

You don’t have to settle for abrasive products as there are plenty of whitening options that people with sensitive teeth can use. Look for products that use less hydrogen peroxide as these are less likely to have negative effects on your oral health. You can also consult your dentist and ask about products that may suit your oral hygiene needs better. When in doubt, stick to professional cleanings as your dentist will know how to treat your teeth best.

7. DO: Store Whitening Treatments Properly

Most products come with storage instructions for a very good reason. Certain ingredients don’t react well to excessive heat or cold, including hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide in whitening strips and toothpastes can lose their whitening effect when exposed to too much heat, so it’s important to store whatever you have in a cool and dry place when they aren’t in use. Remember to check your chosen product’s storage instructions before throwing the box away—some products require refrigeration, while others do fine when stored in a medicine cabinet.

Electric dental scalers are another great option for home tooth whitening. These special devices don’t just aim to paint your teeth a pretty color. They’re meant to scrape away stubborn stains and eliminate harmful bacteria from your teeth and gums without using any harmful chemicals or side effects. The Meeteasy Electric Dental Calculus Remover is specially designed to leave teeth feeling whiter, fresher, and much healthier than before. Order yours from our online store today and unleash your smile to the world in comfort.

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