The Unexpected Risks Of Your Toothbrush

Dentists, teachers, and cartoons alike have all drilled in the importance of grabbing a good toothbrush and using it no less than three times a day ever since our elementary school days. While they do offer sound advice, developments in the study of dental care and hygiene have recently proven that a toothbrush might no longer be enough to keep your teeth strong, healthy, and clean.

Bacteria Can Stick To Toothbrush Bristles

You might think that covering your toothbrush head is enough to protect it from harmful outside bacteria, however, this might actually prove to be not as helpful as you think. Studies have shown that covered toothbrushes are in fact more susceptible to the growth and development of various bacteria colonies. When toothbrush bristles aren’t allowed to dry out, bacteria can grow on the moisture left behind. Even if you do air out your toothbrush for a while, bacteria colonies can still form on the moisture left on your toothbrush head and spread to the bristles.

There is a way, however, to lessen the risk of bacterial growth on your toothbrushes. Simply leaving your brushes uncovered after use can allow moisture to dry out and reduce the number of growing bacteria. Using toothbrush covers is still okay, too. Just allow your toothbrushes to air out for at least 12 hours after use before covering them again to lessen any bacteria colony growth.

Bathroom Germs Can Call Your Toothbrush Home

We don’t often think much about leaving our toothbrushes in the bathroom. As long as it isn’t next to the toilet there won’t be anything to worry about…right? Well, not really. When we wash our hands over the sink, germs can jump to our toothbrushes through splashes of water. The same can be said for the germs from our mouths, faces, and even open toilets! That’s right, nasty airborne bacteria from toilet water can fly up to our toothbrushes when the lid isn’t closed during a flush. Other airborne bacteria from bathroom floor tiles can also easily fly up to our toothbrushes.

You don’t have to keep your toothbrush in the kitchen or garage to keep it germ-free. The best way to protect your toothbrush from nasty everyday germs is to simply keep it inside a properly cleaned bathroom cabinet. That way, there’s a strong barrier between your toothbrush head and bacteria from outside. Closing the lid while flushing can also help keep your toothbrush clean and free from any frightening germs.

Brushing Alone Can’t Eliminate Bacteria

No matter how much toothpaste you use or how many expensive toothbrush brands you try out, there’s still a huge risk of harmful bacteria sticking to toothbrush heads and potentially causing further harm to your teeth and gums. Harmful plaque and bacteria from cavities can also spread to healthy toothbrushes and keep your teeth and gums in the same unhealthy state they were before. Brushing your teeth in public bathrooms can significantly worsen this problem, as harmful microorganisms from several toilets, unclean bathroom tiles, and even soil and air pollution from outside can contaminate your toothbrush and leave no chance for your dental hygiene to improve.

Your toothbrush can be both friend and foe. It plays a major role in keeping your teeth clean and washing out harmful smells and crumbs from snacks and meals. But brushing alone isn’t guaranteed to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as they should be. So, does this mean you should save up for expensive electric toothbrushes and mouthwashes? No, of course not. We have the perfect solution right here.

A great dental scaler can continue where your toothbrush left off and eliminate any harmful germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms left on your teeth and gums. Unlike toothbrushes, sonic dental scalers are made of durable titanium material that won’t rust or cultivate bacteria. You only need to rinse them out a few times to get rid of any gross bacteria and germs from the bathroom and keep your teeth clean, strong, and healthy with no problems whatsoever. They’re also easily portable so you can properly clean your teeth on the go.

There’s no need to stand around in the department store or pharmacy to buy a great dental scaler. You can simply purchase one off our site with just one click and enjoy stronger, healthier, and whiter teeth!

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