Why Dental Scalers Are A Dentist’s Best Friend

The dynamic nature of technology has made significant impacts on many aspects of our world today. Dentistry itself is no stranger to change, as many new and evolved tools have helped many dentists around the world find effective and refined ways to improve people’s dental health without any discomfort. One of the best examples of the march of technology is the dental scaler. Once a larger tool reserved mainly for special procedures, it has now grown to become one of the most valuable tools a dentist could have in his office.

Gentle Yet Effective Bacteria Removal

Getting your teeth cleaned wasn’t always so quick and cozy. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, many dentists recommended cleaning teeth with a thorough but aggressive hand. This was supposedly done to give teeth a shiny, spotless finish. What most didn’t realize however was that parts of the teeth ended up scraped off alongside germs and bacteria, causing the tooth to become too sensitive and less durable. The dental scaler soon put a stop to this problem however as it could easily remove calculus and bacteria without causing unnecessary harm to the teeth.

Today, dental scalers are still used as efficient tools by dentists all over the world. Even at their lowest setting, they can still effectively remove bacterial film and calculus from all corners of the mouth. They’re also designed to be as gentle and harmless as possible so that teeth still stay strong and healthy even while bacteria and germs are removed. Sonic dental scalers are also gentle enough to use along the gum line and have proven to be a worthy opponent of gum inflammation.

Thorough And Wide Reach

Many sonic dental scalers are designed with special heads that can reach deeper into the oral cavity and adjust to teeth of different shapes and sizes. Inserts on the heads of ultrasonic dental scalers are specially designed to reach deep into the pockets of gums in order to eliminate bacterial film and prevent gum disease. As compared to early methods of dental cleaning, dental scalers have proven to be much more effective at reaching into even the furthest and narrowest parts of the teeth and gums without the risk of discomfort or harm.

Quick And Efficient Cleaning

Nowadays, dental scalers have made teeth cleaning much easier and faster without any reduced benefits. Since they’re designed with adjustable settings and replaceable heads of different shapes and sizes, many dental scalers can provide enough force and vibration to remove bacteria, calculus, and plaque from all kinds of oral cavities in no time. Dental scalers don’t also force dentists to exert too much effort and energy from their wrists and shoulders since they’re electric-powered and can easily move on their own. Rather than sit for hours in agony as the dentist aggressively scrapes down your teeth, you can now relax and enjoy healthier, cleaner teeth in no time with a good old dental scaler.

Protection Against Gum Disease

Many studies in Dentistry have found that many diseases of the teeth and gums stem from dental biofilm—a thin, colorless layer of dirt and bacteria that sticks to the surface of the teeth. Brushing alone isn’t enough to eliminate bacterial film as it can just as easily form after 24 hours. Without constant flossing and brushing, dental biofilm can lead to the formation of plaque and cause the gums to become diseased. Fortunately, dental scalers have proven to become an effective solution to this problem. The thin, narrow, and powerful tips on dental scaler heads can remove not only bacterial film but also bacteria and plaque from all sections of the oral cavity. Dental scalers can also reach deep into gum pockets and eliminate the growth of dental biofilm, thus protecting the gums against inflammation and various diseases like gingivitis.

The dental scaler is indeed a powerful and useful tool to wield in the battle against bacteria, cavities, and gum disease. As painful as it is to say, however, they’re also proof that going to the dentist is an absolute must if you want your teeth to be carefully inspected and protected from harmful bacteria, calculus, and gum disease. Sitting in a dentist’s chair isn’t always a pleasant experience, however, there are ways to lessen the risks of needing expensive oral surgeries.

Home dental scalers are an effective way to protect your teeth, as they come with adjustable power settings that will bring no harm to your teeth and gums at all and specially shaped tips that can pick away dirt, bacteria, and calculus from places your toothbrush simply can’t reach. Why not buy a dental scaler from our online store and enjoy the benefits of good dental cleaning at home? You’re only a click away from whiter, stronger, and healthier teeth!


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